Product software design review service from MathEmbedded

 Consumer electronics software engineering

The Problem

Getting the software design right at the start of a project can mean the difference between product success or failure.  Market experience and specialist skills are required for the software design and architecture in projects involving embedded devices and it is difficult to source, train and retain knowledgeable experts. It may also be difficult to justify the expense of a full-time expert and the associated costs involved with keeping their knowledge current with the latest technology, techniques, tools and trends.


How can we help?

MathEmbedded can support you by providing on-demand expertise to your management and engineering teams at the initial product software design and architecture phase.

We have many years of experience in embedded system software design and understand the need to:

  • ensure the design is optimum for your requirements and product type and hence keep the development costs as low as possible
  • deliver the quality you require
  • ensure that design is suitable for the product lifetime
  • take your existing development process into account (including the use of near-shore or off-shore development teams)

We understand a diverse range of areas including network connectivity, audio and video, security, performance optimisation, memory footprint reduction, use of open source software, applications, internet-of-things concept, M2M interfacing, interface to analytics, etc.


Our specialist areas

MathEmbedded specialise in:

  • software architecture and design
  • system architecture and design
  • operating-system selection and software (Linux, Android, QNX, RTOS)
  • low-level software (bootloaders, firmware and other "bare-metal" code)
  • software integration and optimisation (including low latency, fast boot, power-management)
  • software security and information security
  • connectivity and connected services
  • system optimisation (cpu, memory footprint and hence cost for mass-produced items)
  • open source software
  • audio and video drivers

We work primarily in the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial areas.


The Service

MathEmbedded offers an independent consultancy service to meet your requirements where you can purchase one or more days of expert consultancy from within our team of varied technology specialists.

A typical consultancy engagement consists of:

  • An on-site meeting where we capture your requirements and limitations
  • A period of analysis (and research, if required)
  • A report containing pragmatic, practical, actionable advice and recommendations

We will also work with your own team whenever possible to increase their skills.

We can also provide experienced engineers at competitive rates to help you develop complex software and products.


Further information

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