Specialist technical service from MathEmbedded to reduce the boot time of an embedded system

 Microchip with rpm speed dial

The Problem

Complex functionality including security is often necessary in modern embedded products but the introduction of these features often also has an impact on the performance.

 This can lead to a poor customer experience and a higher level of product returns, which is costly for the supplier, or impact the performance of the product when the power supply is disrupted. 


How can we help?

MathEmbedded can help you by performing whole-system optimisation to try and recover the performance lost due to the addition of security or other complex features.

We are experts at quickly assessing and optimising the boot performance of Linux, Android and QNX based embedded systems.


The Service

MathEmbedded offers a fixed-price boot time optimisation service where we deliver a faster boot time by:

  • Analysis from system to component level
  • Identifying delays inside software components
  • Boot loader optimisation
  • OS initialisation optimisation
  • Improving device driver loading
  • Re-ordering the loading sequence
  • Improving user-space initialisation
  • Optimising & restructuring software applications
  • Reducing code execution before application start
  • Using system-specific features including off-loading to on-board microcontrollers or other processor cores

We work in an agile manner to perform fixed-price and fixed-period cycles of performance profiling followed by system improvements and then a further performance profiling to confirm the improvements.

Each cycle will improve the performance, but the rate of improvement usually decreases per cycle as the optimisations become more complex and yield ever decreasing performance improvements.

Cycles can be performed until the required start-up time is achieved.


Our specialist areas of expertise

MathEmbedded specialise in embedded devices':

  • low-level software (bootloaders, firmware and other "bare-metal" code)
  • operating-system level software (Linux, Android, QNX, RTOS)
  • software security and information security (architecture, design, assurance, assessment and audit)
  • software architecture and design
  • software integration and optimisation (including low latency, fast boot, power-management)

We work primarily in the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial areas.


Further information

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