Software source code security review service.

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The Problem

Software security is necessary in connected embedded products as a prerequisite for a security certification or to help prevent brand damage, financial liability or safety issues.

Even source code written by experienced developers can often contain security flaws that can leave systems vulnerable to attack.  There are many reasons for this including:

  •        Developers and even teams become “blind” to problems in their own code
  •        Developers experienced in writing code may not be experienced in writing secure code.
  •        Software is complex and the integration of secure software components can even introduce security vulnerabilities.
  •        Reviewing code for security is different from normal code review as it looks at how to break code rather than ensuring that it works.
  •        Automated security test tools cannot spot logical design flaws that can lead to security vulnerabilities.


How can we help?

MathEmbedded can support you by reviewing your product’s software and reporting on what we find.


Our specialist areas

MathEmbedded specialise in:

  • low-level software (bootloaders, firmware and other "bare-metal" code)
  • operating-system level software (Linux, Android, QNX, RTOS)
  • system and application software
  • network connected software
  • software written in C, C++ or Java

We work primarily in the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial areas.


The Service

MathEmbedded offers an independent, secure, fixed-price software security review service. The price is based on an analysis that includes the number of lines of code and the code complexity (subject to a minimum value).

Your software will be reviewed by an expert and a report produced that will list any issues found along with suggested methods for fixing each issue.


This review should be performed as part of your security test phase.

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Further information

Please Contact Us for more information.

You can also download a PDF marketing flyer for this service.