An intensive 1/2 day course that that introduces senior managers to what is required to introduce security into their organisation.



The problem

Insecure products can result in brand damage, financial liabilities, expensive product returns and even legal issues.

 Organisations now need to take security seriously and design security into their products.

 In order to do this, the organisation needs to incorporate security into all aspects of its operation.


How can we help?

MathEmbedded can support you by providing a time and cost effective briefing to help senior management understand what security is, why it is needed and how to begin adding it to your organization.


Who is the course for?

Senior executives, Board of executives and senior security champions responsible for understanding the security risks and implementation challenges in developing products for the consumer electronics market.


The Course

MathEmbedded offers an efficient, intensive 1/2 day fixed-price executive briefing that is conducted on your premises. 

It teaches each participant:

  • Introduction to security
  • Physical and IT security
  • Administrative security
  • Security emergency response
  • Business continuity planning
  • The Secure Development Lifecycle
  • Personal information/data risks
  • Strategy for introducing security
  • Measuring and tracking organizational security implementation

The course can be tailored to suit your particular organizational needs.


How to Book the Course

Please Contact Us for more information and to book the course.

You can also download a PDF marketing flyer for this service.