MathEmbedded is now offering a low-cost cyber security health check for your embedded product or IoT system!

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  • Are you worried about the potential high-profile legal, financial and reputation/brand damage implications of a cyber security attack against your product or IoT system?
  • Unsure if your connected embedded product or IoT system is secure?
  • Want to understand more about the privacy implications of your product or system?
  • Do you have the appropriate secure development practises and processes in place to minimize risk to your organization and management?



How can we help you?

MathEmbedded offers a fast, cost-effective, fixed-price cyber security assurance review for your embedded product or IoT system that will provide you with easy to understand information on your current security position.

Management can use this to understand your current level of risk and help decide what further action (if any) you may need to take to prevent damage.


How does it work?

The review consists of a simple questionnaire to fill in along with a 1 day, confidential, on-site visit to your company to talk to your management and engineering team. You will then receive a clear report of our findings and recommendations along with a risk and impact table of the highest priority issues.

From the questionnaire and what we learn at the on-site review, we will perform a comprehensive high-level 50 point checklist-driven review to identify the potential problem areas and to give you a good baseline of your current cyber security position.  The checklist covers a wide range of functions that impact your overall cyber-security including:

Security of your product:

  • Security requirements and asset identification
  • Security architecture and design
  • Boot and run-time environment security
  • Cryptography and communications
  • Privacy and personal information security
  • Use of open source and licensing
  • Potential attack vectors and mitigations
  • Manufacturing and provisioning security

Security of your processes :

  • Development process methodology
  • Security information management and policies
  • Developer security access and awareness
  • Security testing methodology and tools
  • Product lifecycle maintenance plan
  • Development environment security
  • Incident response management


Further information

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