An intensive 3 day training course for engineers to teach them the skills required to security harden an embedded Linux based system.

The Problem

Linux is being used in an increasing number of embedded devices including set-top-boxes, automotive in-vehicle infotainment, WiFi routers and home gateways, smart meters, industrial monitoring equipment and even domestic white goods.

Increasingly these devices are being connected to networks and this can leave them vulnerable to remote attacks that can result in brand damage, financial liabilities, product returns and even safety issues.

 “Hardening” Linux systems to make them more resistant to attack is possible and is something that should be performed for every connected product.


How can we help?

MathEmbedded can support you by providing an in-depth, hands-on practical Linux system and application hardening training for your engineering teams.


The Course

MathEmbedded offers an intensive 3 day fixed-price training course for up to 16 people that is conducted on your premises.

The course contains a mix of theory and practical sessions. Using a practical example embedded system, it teaches each participant to increase the security step-by-step by: 

  • Understanding security requirements and what needs to be protected
  • Analysing the system and software architecture with respect to security
  • Understanding how systems are attacked
  • Hardening the boot process
  • Improving the security of the Linux kernel
  • Hardening the software environment to resist commonly used attacks
  • Restricting access to and from the network
  • Protecting sensitive data on the filesystem
  • Isolating and sandboxing vulnerable software components
  • Using advanced techniques such as Linux Security Modules (including SELinux) to limit the impact of a successful attack

All trainers have many years of experience working with embedded consumer electronics products and the courses are designed to provide pragmatic and real-world advice.

The course can also be tailored to suit your particular hardware and software environment.


Course Technical Requirements

This is a technical training course aimed at engineers, so a basic level of knowledge in the following is required:

  • Linux kernel configuration
  • Linux/Unix command line
  • Basic Linux system administration and configuration


Related Courses

The Defensive embedded C/C++ secure software development training course is also recommended for security engineers to provide a full view on writing secure software and then how to protect it in an embedded system.


How to Book the Course

Please Contact Us for more information and to book the course.

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