An intensive 2 day course that that teaches the fundamentals of automotive embedded security.


Wireframe 3d automobile 

The Problem

Modern automobiles contain between 60 and 100 microcontrollers and microprocessors which are connected on complex internal networks and some of which are connected externally via wireless communications protocols.


This connectivity increases the security risk of the whole system and insecure devices can result in brand damage, financial liabilities, expensive product returns and even safety issues.


How can we help?

MathEmbedded can support you by providing hands-on, time and cost effective, security fundamentals training.

This introduction to automotive embedded security will explain the issues, show how to address the risks and provide an introduction for the importance of having the correct procedures and processes in place to develop secure systems.


Who is the course for?

Program managers, team leaders, senior developers and testers responsible for design, implementation and testing of embedded automotive security products.


The Course

MathEmbedded offers an efficient, intensive 2 day fixed-price training course for up to 20 people that is conducted on your premises.

The course contains a mix of theory and practical sessions.

All trainers have years of experience working with embedded automotive electronics products and the courses are designed to provide pragmatic and real-world advice.

The course can also be tailored to suit your particular requirements.


Course Technical Requirements

This is a technical training course but does not assume prior security knowledge.


Related Courses

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How to Book the Course

Please Contact Us for more information and to book the course.

You can also download a PDF marketing flyer for this service.