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Our Specialist Security Training Courses

MathEmbedded provide the following specialist training courses focussed on embedded systems development:



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Secure software development lifecycle

Architects, developers and testers

Introduction to Secure Software Development (with practicals)

2 days

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Secure software development lifecycle for managers

Program and project managers

Introduction to Secure Software Development

1 day

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Defensive C/C++ software development for embedded engineers


Training on how to develop secure code and avoid common security mistakes1

2 days

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Embedded Linux security hardening


Technical course on hardening an embedded Linux system (with practicals) 1

3 days

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IoT system security hardening

Architects, developers and testers

Technical course on hardening a complex system involving WiFi connected embedded Linux device, Android app control and cloud based components (with practicals)1

5 days


Executive briefing: adding security to your organisation

Executives, Board members, security champions

Introduction to organizational security risks and how to build security into an organisation

½ day

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Automotive embedded security introduction

Technical management, Program managers, team leaders, senior developers

Introduction to threats to vehicles posed by embedded systems, risk analysis and how to address the risks through security-aware development and testing

2 days

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1 Includes practicals on real hardware. Course attendees are required to provide their own PC or laptop.   Maximum attendees limited to 16 due to practicals.

All training courses are delivered on-site. 

All courses can be customized to customer requirements. Please enquire for details.

Volume price discounts apply for larger numbers of attendees and discounts apply when two or more courses are ordered at the same time.


Please contact us for more information on any of the courses mentioned.


Customer course feedback


"We were able to agree on the agenda beforehand, thus the course filled exactly our needs."

Course organiser for major German automotive OEM


"The hands-on sessions were a highlight for me. They complimented the presentation material and raised my understanding of how real and relevant the concerns can be."

Linux security hardening course for well-known US CE manufacturer


"War games are awesome!"

Linux security hardening course for global CE manufacturer


"Well structured, good instructors (and friendly) and hands-on makes the topics sink in better!"

Linux security hardening course for major US automotive supplier


"Helped me understand the lay of the land of the risks and the mitigations."

Executive briefing course for high-end A/V equipment manufacturer


"Thank you very much for the good training and the material. We enjoyed it."

Linux security hardening course for major european automotive OEM


"I was definitely engaged and stimulated to think about the material and its implications for my business."

Executive briefing course for major silicon manufacturer