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Device Security Assurance

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We can help you to build more secure connected device products at the design, development and testing stages

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Security Training

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We can train your developers, project and program managers and can even brief the Board on the need for security

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Security for your company

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We can help you to introduce security into your company and product development processes

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Software Consultancy

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We can help you architect, design and implement complex software and systems running on a wide variety of platforms

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What we do

We aim to save you time and money when you develop or secure a complex connected device product (including connected devices, applications and server/cloud interfacing)


  • We help you to design, architect and develop secure, complex, connected device software for products in the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial markets (including IoT)
  • We're experts in high-quality, high-performance embedded connected device software
  • We're experts in software cyber security for connected devices and embedded systems


This combination of real-world software expertise and security expertise puts us in a unique position to help you to evaluate and develop both your software and security for trusted next-generation products.


Working closely with your management and development teams, we use a systematic approach to analyse and fix the security issues in current products and provide training, advice and support to ensure future products are developed securely.

Delivering secure products reduces the risk to your company of financial and reputation damage and costly legal disputes and privacy actions and should be part of a company-wide security strategy.


We can also help you to develop complex connected products by leveraging our extensive expert software consulting, design and development experience.





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